Knowledge is Power

Knowledge from African-born experts working within the industry for twenty years.

What Makes Us Tick


We grew up clambering over the kopjies of Kruger and body-surfing the waves of the Indian Ocean. The bush and the importance of wildlife conservation were as much a part of our upbringing as ABC and 123. Life has taken us in (and out) and around and through wild Africa.

We do not hand you over to a junior member of staff but collaborate together on each and every journey. We take on only as many clients as we can guarantee our time and expertise.

Expertise from being born in Africa and working within the safari industry for over twenty years,  our working lives and networks have extended across South Africa, up into Botswana, Namibia and all the way into East Africa. There is no aspect of safari life in which we have not been intricately involved. Our experience extends from being the guide, to training the guide. From eating the food, to hiring the chefs. From wearing the uniform, to deciding which uniform should be worn. We have raised funds and awareness for community and conservation programmes, and overseen the distribution of those proceeds on the ground. And now from welcoming the traveller, to helping you choose the right journey.

We have engaged with guests for twenty years, watched and listened as families, honey-mooners, first timers and old timers discussed their greatest joys, but also their biggest disappointments about travel to Africa.

Part of our experience is frustration.  Debs’ frustration at managing guests who had not been given enough information, or would have been better suited to a different camp. Jo’s frustration at hearing from discerning travellers in London (and beyond) that their lodge and experience was not what they had been led to expect, or “wish they had known better.”  Frustration, however, is only a negative if not a motivator for change and putting right what you see is wrong.

Expertise, knowledge, passion. We have experience to share. Let us share that experience with you.

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