Zoom Click Capture

Fantastic Equipment But How Does It Work?

Although modern cameras – and indeed phones – are remarkable in their ability to help the most inept take a photo, we all know there is so much more that cameras can do. If you are keen to develop your skills, we can ensure that you are accompanied by a guide who can enhance your photographic skills, or if you are a bit more serious, then choose a specific location with a professional photographer to travel with you and teach you for the duration of your journey. The Namibian light is hard to do justice without the right settings, and wild animals have a tendency to move. Having a professional on hand who understands animal behaviour and to guide you through the inner workings of your camera can add extraordinary quality to your photographs.

Knowing the top guiding photographers as we do, we definitely have those with who we prefer to work. Don’t set out on your photographic safari before ensuring you really are with the best in the business.