Questions and Answers

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Why don’t you show camps, lodges or hotels on your website.

The quick answer  – there is so much product and we are a small, boutique company.

  • With so much to offer, it is hard to know where we should begin or end?
  • With new camps opening regularly, or refurbishments being done, we feel our time is better spent focussing on clients than updating a website. 
  • If you have an idea for a specific destination,  then you are more than likely to have already visited their comprehensive website. Our expertise lies in whether or not we think it is right for you, specifically.
  • If you have no idea of where you want to go – we will figure that out for you and give you all the information you need to help curate the perfect holiday.
  • Many of our destinations are exclusive or have privacy clauses.

Why don’t you put prices on your website?

The quick answer – it can be easy to look like the best deal without giving all the information.

Below are some of the examples on how prices can look different.

  • Prices may vary from season to season.
  • Prices may vary from a single night to a 5 night price.
  • Prices may vary on a last minute deal.
  • Prices may vary if you do not include e.g game drives.
  • Prices may vary depending on age of client.
  • Prices look different depending on whether or not you include taxes or concession fees.

What will it cost me?

The quick answer –  whatever you are comfortable spending.

  • We have to have some idea of what you are comfortable spending. Every person’s idea of luxury is different. As is every person’s idea of what constitutes “expensive” or “affordable.” We aim to deliver what will represent the best value for you.

What do you know about family travel in Africa?

The quick answer  – we believe we have more comprehensive, combined experience than most.

  • Debs and her children regularly test family products – spending weekends, half terms and holidays in various camps or island destinations.
  • Jo has travelled to and from Africa from the UK for twenty years, with 4 children in tow. With a husband on less generous leave than school holidays, the family has regularly travelled separately. So Jo knows how to travel with children.  They have been have been taken on safari, to the beach, to the mountains, travelled on small planes, and done more road trips than the kids care to count.

    Why should we travel with Lankester White?

    The quick answer – You are unlikely to find another travel consultant with as much significant on the ground experience as Deb. 

    • Debs has worked at a senior operations level at some of the most successful Safari companies across Africa, there is very little that she does not understand about what constitutes a camp or lodge of excellence. Her experience has covered every aspect from ensuring guides are properly trained, to the chefs and menus, to housekeeping, camp managers, new camp builds or refurbishments. Quite simply – she understands this industry inside out.
    • We are Africans with real African experience, and our extensive contacts are family, family friends, old school friends, university friends, and close colleagues.
    • We grew up as bush babies – half terms and holidays watching birds and learning our trees.
    • We both have lived in Cape Town for a number of years
    • We own homes on the Garden Route.
    • Our family and friends are constantly updating us on each and every experience they have – so we are always hearing about new/interesting/good/bad/dreadful products on the ground. Not only from hotel or lodge marketing people – but African travellers.Please feel free to quiz us further on how deep Debs African working experience goes.

Why do you need to do such an extensive briefing.

The quick (and only) answer – the more we know about you, the better we understand your preferences and requirements – every client is unique in this regard.

If you are so African, how will you understand what I need?

The quick answer – Jo lives in the UK and Debs has spent twenty years talking to guests about what is working and what does not. 

  • Jo has lived and worked in the UK for twenty five years. With working and family life closely connected to corporate London (and beyond), she has an intimate understanding of the needs of the discerning traveller to Africa or the islands.
  • Debs interaction with clients is renowned. With clients having followed her from country to country safe in the knowledge that her involvement ensures gorgeous locations, truly extraordinary experiences, superb service, the best guides, and safety.

How will I know if my accommodation has good ethics?

The quick answer – If you travel with us, then that is a given.

  • Jo has been involved in a number of community development programmes across Africa since her time in the UK. We have a very good understanding of what works and what does not, and are renowned for asking uncomfortable questions in this regard. We grill our suppliers on their conservation and community ethics.

What insurance do you have?

  • We carry our own ATOL license. Number 11317. Please go to to learn more about ATOL coverage. Having an ATOL is legal requirement for travel companies such as ours, and gives you peace of mind that Lankester White has been through the rigorous process of a CAA vetting.

Why do you not promise to match the cost of a safari quoted by another company?

The quick answer – not all itineraries are equal and our clients tend to come to us through word of mouth on the basis we are highly knowledgable and fair in our pricing.  

  • African itineraries are complicated with regards to the various elements that include logistics and safety. On the surface it may appear to be the identical itinerary, however there will be many elements that are not the same.  We are thorough in the vetting of everyone we use, for example transfer drivers and the vehicles. We are not prepared to promise to match the costs with companies who may not have such rigorous vetting processes as we do.
  • We do believe our prices are fair. As we work together on every itinerary ourselves, we only take on a certain number of clients a year to ensure our clients our full attention.

    Isn’t it better value to book online or direct?

    The quick answer – No.  

  • Many lodges do not have an online or direct booking facilities, so you cannot book directly yourselves.
  • Our rates are never higher than online or direct rates when all the taxes etc.. have been taken into consideration. Travelling under the Lankester White umbrella will give you a degree of VIP treatment you are unlikely to receive if you book on your own.
  • NB: Logistics and safety are of paramount importance when travelling through Africa. You do not want to take any risks in choosing the cheap option – this applies to anywhere there are wild animals, vehicles, urban environments, health facilities… Just about anything you do.