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We are more than happy to help. The earlier you contact us, the more time we will have to explore different ideas with you.

What you need to do

Are you a first-timer or a khaki veteran?

As a first timer you may have a vague idea that is as basic as: “I’d like to go on safari” or “I’ve heard Cape Town is great. ” To start, all you need to do is get in touch. We can guide you through the rest of the process from there.

If you are a veteran, or simply been to Africa once before – great – we have a foundation on which to build.
Either way, if you don’t reach out, we can’t begin to weave the ideas together to put together your perfect journey.

Then trust us. Marketing material does not always tell the full story. And often photos in magazines have been specially stylised. We only use lodges and hotels we know well. Most with whom we have long personal and working histories. We have a very clear knowledge of the difference between a safariĀ  – and those luxury hotels which have a couple of animals wandering about but can be just as expensive.

We only work with hotels and lodges that have sustainable community and conservation programmes. You are a visitor to a continent whose needs are complex and in their multitudes. We have done the thinking for you in regards to where it is right to rest your weary travellers head.

What we will do

As much or as little as needed

We believe that organising a journey to Africa should be a dialogue. A process whereby we help you reach the destination best suited for your requirements and hopes.

Every journey is different as every individual or group has its own dynamic. Therefore, the more information we have, the better we can do by you.

We will start by putting together some basic ideas, and as we move forward, we will add more detail to the journey. This may take some time, we do not regard any question too menial, nor do we take offence if you do not like our initial suggestions. We stand by our sub-title of bespoke journey – we have never created the same journey twice.

Although we do have a reputation for working miracles at short notice, the more time in advance you give us, the better. If it a short notice holiday, you will be encouraged to move quickly – we are like magpies in picking up shiny jewels but we cannot hang on to them forever.

On booking flights into Africa, we are more than happy to start the journey from your point of landing on the continent. We can advise you where best to fly into but respect that you may have an air-miles programme or a local airline agent with whom you feel a loyalty to give that part of the business. If your flight requires a connecting flight, we will discuss with you the benefits of booking these together (where possible) in case of flight delays or cancellations.

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