Feel their Wonder

A family that safaris together, stays together.

We have been the children on safari and also been the parents. We remember so clearly the first, and have learned much from being the second. From a very young age we were imbued with a passion for the natural world that we consider our greatest privilege, and realise that proximity to the wilds of Africa made that possible.  Too often we hear stories of  “sadly we didn’t understand quite where we were going until we got there” or “it was fine for the kids”. We do not believe that is good enough. You are more than likely coming from far away, and we do not wish for you to feel your journey was somewhat wasted.

A family safari should be a truly memorable, extraordinary experience that enriches each and every family member. We would not settle for anything less. Why should you?

There is no age we consider “too young” to experience the bush. But there are certain practicalities that must be considered, and it certainly can feel like a daunting undertaking if you have not taken your family on safari before. Each family is different and we can help choose which destination would be perfect for your family adventure.

Safety is one of the questions that come up first when discussing a family safari. Both our guiding experience and years of being deeply involved in guide and staff training are invaluable in our assessments of how guides and staff behave in the bush. It can be the tiniest of details that would go unnoticed to an inexperienced eye that may result in a destination not making our grade, but we never compromise on this issue.