Nothing is Impossible

What would you do if you knew who to ask?

Africa can, and should, be a fully immersive experience. However, delivering an effective experience is not the same as thinking it sounds like a great idea. Fully engaging in your environment may require skills and sensitivities that are not easily acquired without having lived in an area. We know the road less travelled is far more appealing, and we know Lankester White’s greatest asset is the years and years of living in the regions in which we operate.
What will make this journey unique for you?
We believe combining passions, or introducing new ideas to a traveller can enhance a journey tenfold. The possibilities are endless – some experiences may require bravery, some a degree of physical fitness – but for the most part – it may be simply that you have not known who to ask. Or the idea simply never occurred. Combining a safari with a hiking adventure, or a cycling trail can be a great way to combine interests. Walking safaris or diving holidays off remote shores are perfect for those with high energy levels.
While we live by the motto that Nothing is Impossible, safety is always at the forefront of our minds, and so we will be honest if we do not believe your group is fit enough, old enough, or we have any doubts about safety. But for the most part, it is simply a case of planning and having the knowledge of how to accomplish the adventure.
At which point we also like to remind people, if your dream is to sit quietly by a waterhole for three days, with only your binoculars and a flask of tea. Please ask for that too.