Start the Adventure...

“Don’t ever stop flirting with me, no matter how old we get.” “Never!” ― Linda Weaver Clarke, Mystery on the Bayou

Beginning a life together should begin with a once in a lifetime adventure. Having witnessed many honeymoons in Africa, and thought of and created umpteen memorable surprises and enchanting moments for happy newly weds – we are firm believers that a safari is the ultimate in romantic and adventurous honeymoons.  Whether the honeymoon is planned together, or as part of surprise ~ allow us  to help you manage each and every special detail. And while we do think honeymoons are fabulous,  we also believe stealing time away from the kids, or the celebration of an anniversary, is a life necessity. Do you even need a reason other than “I love you?” Safari lodges are the stuff of romance: G&Ts on game drive, dinner a deux under the night skies. It’s so perfect (on paper it borders on cheesy) in reality, it is truly the stuff of dreams.

Africa, stars, and the wild. It’s all the kindle you need.