Discretion and Privacy

This is your journey, only.

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Private travel has come to mean more than privacy. Having envisaged, set up, and hosted the most exclusive safari destinations and private camping experiences in Africa, we understand that Private Travel is about more than the best in luxury accommodation. It is ensuring a seamless journey, discreetly handled by professionals who understand what exclusive really means. It is knowing the right guides who quietly enhance your experience so it is your own, personal journey. It is about knowing the best pilots who not only safely fly you over breathtaking destinations, but know how to handle airport procedures swiftly and discreetly, so you don’t have to even think about them.

We understand that you may have health concerns. With our private jet services your on-the-ground experiences will be swift, personal and seamless. We will ensure guests have access to private terminals, privacy onboard the jet and a health certified staff. At your camps you will have a private vehicle with a dedicated field guide, and a personal chef and host.

Over the course of 2020, Deborah has consulted on many staff training programmes and protocols. Our guests can travel safe in the knowledge that Deb has personally vetted all health systems of the lodges and camps we are using.

Private Travel is about you, and stays with you.