Behold the Spectacle

As wildlife experiences go, there are few to match the might of the herds

You will never forget the moment you first see that many animals in one line of vision. It is breathtaking no matter what time of year you are able to see them. Witnessing the migration during any time of the year is an extraordinary spectacle.  Hundreds of thousands of animals grazing on a plain is not to be sniffed at. Witnessing a crossing is every bit as thrilling as you imagine it to be- be aware, the crossings are during the peak season of July to October  which means camps are more expensive and it is very busy vehicle wise. If  travelling with small children, this experience does require patience as you can wait for a few hours as herds decide to cross, or not.  There are no guarantees.

In January and February, when the herds are further south, it is the calving season and the chance to see the herd from one horizon to another…

It may all seem simple, but it’s not.  You want the best camps for the migration in the best locations depending on your needs.  We can help you with this to ensure maximum excitement throughout this incredible wildlife experience.