Primate Tours

A wise monkey never monkeys with another monkey

‘Seeing the gorillas’ is on the wish list with good reason. We think it is because most people realise the experience is more than just ‘seeing’. And not just because you need to trek through the jungle to find the gorillas, but for many the primal connection with these mighty beasts is both emotional and spiritual.
Gorillas, Chimpanzee and other primates are more accessible than ever thanks to the hard work and dedication of the careful work of government policies on the preservation of land, education of local communities and the very hard hard work of conservation groups, in tandem with some of our favourite safari operators.
Primate ‘tours’ have long been the sole preserve of Rwanda, but with both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) opening, there is now real choice in the destination. However, we do still recommend planning well in advance, permit numbers are kept low, with good reason, and limited accommodation in the areas ensures more jungle for the primates.

Working closely with you, we will identify which destination will be best to suit your group. Gorilla treks can be rewarding as a singular journey, or a specific ‘primate’ tour can be a deeply enriching experience. Please do get in contact to find out more about our specialist approach to encountering the primates.