Stillness and Action

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Many times over, we have watched the transformation that comes over people once they experience the African wilderness for the first time. There is the obvious adrenaline rush of seeing ones first lion or elephant, but there is also a less obvious imprint on one’s entire spirit. A safari no longer has to be a sedentary experience and we have collaborated with top yoga, pilates and wellness coaches to create the perfect journey that focuses on your inner self, as well as enhancing your appreciation of the extraordinary environment surrounding you. The chaotic digital onslaught of everyday life dissolves, time expands and you gain inner strength to better cope on your return. From luxury hotels and lodges with world class spa and massage therapy experiences, to getting in touch with the earth through walking safaris, hiking, cycling and pilates, we can tailor the experience to suit the needs of your group or family. We are also happy to work with your own wellness guru to create your ideal itinerary.