Hook, Line and Sinker

Responsible fishing while connecting with the waters of Africa

Tigers in Africa? Not likely unless they are Tigerfish on the barbel run through the Okavango Delta. Tiger fishing qualifies as some of the most exhilarating fishing to be found.¬† Being on the water with a superb fishing guide will enhance the experience for both novice and experienced fishermen. Debs has spent many an hour across Africa’s prime fishing spots hooking bait and untangling rods for both children and guests – ensuring we know the fishing destinations where patience is not a virtue, but usually unnecessary.

South Africa, Mozambique and Zanzibar offer some of the best deep sea fishing  off the coasts of Africa. Deep sea fishing should always be a challenge, but never without appreciating the diverse ecosystems in which your line is being cast. Fishing with a seaman who respects the ocean is also one who undoubtedly also knows where the fish are biting.

As for being a fishwife? Only in that we may or may not have won the last few inter-family fishing competitions. Milo anyone?