Our philosophy is philanthropy

"Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." The Lorax (Dr Suess)

Vultures for Africa


Like a clock, any ecological system relies on the existence and functionality of all its working parts. We have been involved in a number of research, conservation and community projects and programmes over the years. We do encourage all visitors to Africa to take into careful consideration the needs of local communities and conservation efforts in the areas in which they visiting. Please do chat to us if you would like any further information on any projects you may come across and of which are specific interest to yourselves.

Lankester White makes contributions toward supporting the Vulture Poisoning Response Project, which is part of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Special Projects Programme. Vultures like elephants, are a keystone species – keeping the environment clean and disease free. However – with six of Africa’s vulture species on the edge of extinction, the delicate eco-systems which they help maintain are equally at risk. Contributions to the poisoning response project will help save birds which have either inadvertently eaten poisoned baits or carcasses, or have been targeted specifically.

Vultures for Africa recently spent time in Tanzania with Deborah’s husband, training a group of rangers on what to do when a vulture is poisoned.

Lion Tracking

Wildlife research

Research into predator behaviour is not only about learning more about the animals themselves.  Tracking movement can be instrumental in the management of human and wildlife conflict in remote areas of Africa.  Contributions to expeditions, such as the lion collaring expedition, offer a unique and hands on experience for those wishing to understand the depth of the work that goes into wildlife preservation. Spending a few days in a remote, purpose built camp with a top research team is privilege worth paying for. Deb has been part of many research teams, and Jo recently joined a research team in East Africa collaring lions.

Please do contact us if the of being involved  with a research project appeals.  (Please do note that is not a “gap year” opportunity.)

Busy Kids, Happy Kids

Community Cricket

We have always believed that any conservation project is only as good as the community upliftment and education programmes in the area in which it is operating. One of our most successful philanthropy projects has been the recycling of used sports equipment. We set up Rematch to both combat the waste of perfectly good sports equipment that lie around many of our homes, and support ground roots sports programmes that keep children off the streets in urban areas in Tanzania. Such programmes, such as Tom’s cricket school in Arusha, rely on the dedication and talents of one passionate individual – but only so long as he has bats, and balls and pads with which the kids can play. Please do let us know if you have any used sports kit that you or your kids no longer use. You could take this to East Africa yourselves on your trip, or we can add this to our next shipment.

Recycling Resources

Education, education, education

As with the sport kit, we have found a wonderful way to include our own communities is to highlight how valuable unused items in their homes may be.  We encourage every one we know and local schools to remember us when they are clearing out books, stationery and educational resources.  As the shipping of goods into the countries into which we send guests has become increasingly difficult due to a Hamerkop nest of red tape and prohibitive costs, we are grateful to organisations such as Books2Africa which offer a reliable and efficient means of delivering precious books to learners. Please do be chat to us if you would like to help contribute to this on-going initiative.