A new kind of luxury

You’ve travelled the world. But never like this. What if your next safari was an investment in your personal growth? What if you could combine a joyful holiday with a meaningful coaching experience? And what if global travel could teach you to thrive in global disruption? It’s time to head out. . .the Explorer’s Way.

It’s Wild Out There

The world offers a dizzying pace of change, a vast volume of information, and the promise of ongoing disruption. People feel exhausted and overwhelmed, lost in possibility or frozen in uncertainty.  You need a new set of skills to make it in this wild world.  You need to become an Explorer.  Lankester White has collaborated with chief explorer, Jillian Reilly, to design a journey that enables you to treat your next travel as your teacher.  Spend a week in our wilderness to prepare you to thrive in the wilderness out there. Build your exploratory capabilities on the ground through a walking safari like no other.  Capabilities that can’t be learned by an online course or in a hotel conference room.  Capabilities best honed by stepping into the wild, and letting it teach you. 

A safari that combines looking out with looking in, adventure with learning.